5 Home Remedies To Slow Down Skin Aging

Last updated on May 16th, 2017

Aging is an inescapable part of life. But premature skin aging is a common problem for men and women all-around the globe. Although many skin damages can be repaired but there are few which cannot be. There are some genetic factors which are beyond our control. We think that a topical treatment is all we need. It’s not enough. We need our skin to glow from within. So what are the measures we need to take to be able to slow down skin aging?

1. Diet:

A healthy diet is a simple solution to all our health issues. You need to include Vitamin C rich food in your diet. Vitamin C increases collagen production in our skin. Collagen helps maintain elasticity and firmness of our skin. Make sure there is an adequate intake of essential fatty acid. These fatty acids help in tissue repair. Ensure your diet provides you with protein, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and other nutrients essential for proper functioning of your body.

2. Exercise:

Exercise is beneficial for the overall health of our body. Exercise increases blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and other essential nutrients to our skin cells. Increased blood flow will also help flush out toxins and free radicals responsible for premature skin aging. Exercise also helps us de-stress. Make sure your workout doesn’t expose your skin to sunlight. This may cause sun damage to your skin. Exercise helps tone your muscles further enhancing your physique.

3. Stop Smoking:

Smoking is the most harmful habit for our body. A cigarette contains 4000 toxins which can cause adverse effects on our body. Some toxins from a cigarette can harm the blood vessels in the upper layer of our skin. This restricts the oxygen supply in the blood. Thus making our skin dry, dull and flaky. This also causes wrinkles and fine lines near eyes and mouth. Also, beware of second-hand smoke.

4. Drink Water:

Water forms 50-60% of our body. Make sure you maintain that level. A hydrated body has a hydrated skin. Water helps flush out the toxins. If your body is not hydrated enough it can lead to dull, dry patchy skin which in turn results in fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Choose Skincare Products Wisely:

Don’t start using a product just because your friend uses it and has shown great results. Using a product unsuitable for your skin can cause side effects like itching, irritation, dryness and tingling. Analyzing your T-zone ill help you find out your skin type. If you are above 20 years, start using products with cucumber extracts, vitamin C and glycerin in them. Glycerin boosts collagen production and Vitamin C helps maintain them. Vitamin C eradicate free radicals thus helping your skin look younger. There are so many anti-aging skincare products available in the market. Do a little research and choose wisely.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All the prevention measures mentioned above can be followed to keep premature skin aging at bay. Following all these precautions will not benefit your skin but also the health of your whole body. A healthy skin is a representation of the healthy body.

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